Staging and Repurposing a Room

Fluffy white towels

How would you like to wake up to a new room!  Everything de-cluttered and organized like a team of stagers have come into your home.

People stage their homes so they have a place others would love to live in…why not do it for yourself?

ShipShape Organize Boston has been having fun transitioning rooms – not only de-cluttering and organizing which we do all the time, but also moving furniture so your home feels refreshed.  We will offer a new perspective using what you have.

Whether you are looking to transition a space in your house or need a little more organization in your life, we are here to help!

Let our team help you. Call or contact us for your free ½ hour phone consultation. Deb Bernier 978.771.0527 or Deb Stone 978.314.6410