FAQ (1)

Here are some FAQs clients ask when searching for a Professional Organizer or Move Manager and how ShipShape can assist you. Our clients range from busy stay-at-home parents to working couples, as well as, seniors. Contact us so we can discuss your needs during your free 1/2 hour consultation.

  • Many of our clients feel they can do the job themselves but never take the time needed to get the project done resulting in clutter piling up, important belongings being misplaced and stress taking over. By giving you a jump start and providing tools needed to get your space in order, we will get you motivated to get the job done. As anything in life we “make time” to do the projects or activities we want to do and leave the less attractive projects for another day. Most of us are capable of cutting grass, mulching gardens and even painting basements, but we choose not to and hire a professional to complete these tasks. ShipShape Organize will give you the tools, motivation, and hands-on assistance to make your space more efficient.

  • Many of our clients feel they can do the job themselves but become overwhelmed at the daunting task of moving. That’s where we come in. ShipShape Organize will help you with as much or as little of your move as you want. We offer downsizing, packing, unpacking and a host of move management services. Working with our trusted resources such as antique dealers, estate sales, junk haul, stagers, donation companies allows us to bring you a comprehensive solution. You’ll see the benefits of organizing your belongings before you move. We are happy to discuss your specific move and how we can help, whether on the front end, back end or the entire way through. We are also members of The National Association of Senior Move Managers.  Members of this organization specialize in assisting their clients with not only the physical, but the emotional aspect of a move.  It often requires sorting through 40+ years of items and memories during the transition process.  If you are moving from out-of-state, we also have a relocation specialist on our team to help ease your transition.

  • An organizer is one who assists, guides and coaches you with an organizational challenge you may be facing; from an attic to a basement and everything in-between. A skilled, experienced organizer will provide you with tools to manage your belongings or space more efficiently. You will notice an immediate change and will be able to find things more easily. We believe a strong resource list as well as having insurance and a membership in NAPO are important.

  • We charge an hourly rate. It is impossible to determine how long a project will take given all the complexities that arise during the process and whether we work directly with the client. It is best for you to determine a rough budget you are comfortable with and check-in points during the job can be instituted.

  • What is important is the connection you build with us during the phone consultation. Clients continually tell us how they appreciate our confidentiality, trustworthiness, and the non-judgemental nature with which we handle jobs and can’t believe how much we love our job. We are empathetic and understanding and will guide you through the process with ease and compassion. We are in business to make your life easier for you. We also aren’t afraid to do heavy lifting and consider our job our exercise for the day! We will take donation items away that day if you would like or we can arrange for a donation company to come to your home. Additionally, we do not sub-contract jobs. If you hire us, one of the Debs will be there!

  • We begin with an initial 30 minute phone conversation, free of charge, to determine your priorities and goals for the particular job. If you decide to hire us, we ask that you book a minimum session of three hours to get the project started. At that point, we can discuss if materials need to be purchased such as bins, racks, hooks, packing paper, etc. We will also discuss your goals regarding changes to make to the area such as shelving needs.

  • We currently work on organizing:

    • attics
    • basements
    • bathrooms
    • bedrooms
    • closets
    • garages
    • kitchens
    • home offices
    • de-clutter and prepare house for sale
    • assist with moves
    • assist with unpacking and settling you in to your new home

    ShipShape will help arrange items for donation or clothes consignment.  What are some things we don’t do? Post items or manage sale over the internet; deal with disposal of hazardous waste; accept hoarding jobs.

Let our team help you. Call or contact us for your free ½ hour phone consultation. Deb Bernier 978.771.0527 or Deb Stone 978.314.6410.