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ShipShape Organize Team

Deb Stone and Deb Bernier are professional organizers and co-owners of ShipShape Organize.  Often affectionately re-named as “the Debs” by their clients, they started ShipShape to help organize and de-clutter homes and offices in preparation for moves or to regain structure.  They have served clients all over the North Shore and metro-Boston area ranging in ages from 18 – 85.  After providing a free ½ hour phone consultation, they and their team are ready with boundless energy and enthusiasm to handle all sorts of jobs and love the specific organizing challenges and diversity each day provides.  The Debs enjoy helping individuals and families tackle downsizing and right-sizing their homes to address changes and provide enhancements to their lifestyles.  Members of the New England and National Chapter of Professional Organizers (NAPO) they have recently earned the Golden Circle certification.  Their team has also been awarded one of Boston’s Best Home Organizing Companies.

Deb Stone, Professional Organizer

Deb Stone, Co-Owner

Deb Stone has always been organized in her professional and home life. After graduating from the University of Vermont with a B.A. in Psychology, Deb worked in public relations and marketing at ITT Sheraton World Headquarters in Boston. Organization was critical given the busy, hectic deadline-oriented work schedule. After 8 years with ITT Sheraton, she decided to leave the corporate world to raise her three children. As she did this, she co-chaired cultural enrichment and community outreach committees, served on alumni leadership committees, parent committees, and booster clubs for schools such as Stoneridge Montessori, Shore Country Day, Hamilton-Wenham highschool and Pingree.

Deb, a lover of simplicity, practiced it while she lived on a boat with her family for two years in the Caribbean and Mediterranean.  She and her husband home schooled their three children, lived their dream, and enjoyed the freedom of the simplicity.

Now that her children are older, Deb has focused her efforts on helping others become organized so they can manage their busy lives more efficiently. She enjoys reading and educating herself as to the myriad of ways one’s mind works and developing different solutions based on her client’s needs. This education continues through courses offered by the National Association of Professional Organizers.


Deb Bernier, Professional Organizer

Deb Bernier, co-owner

Deb Bernier is a graduate from Denison University in Granville, Ohio. Her work in the past included a Marketing / Meeting Planner position for a major Boston Real Estate Syndication office, which followed into a long standing Operations Manager position with the Premier Women’s Conference in California and similar smaller satellite “Women’s Conferences” in Austin, Boston, Philadelphia and St. Louis. She then was affiliated with a local non-profit organization called Project Adventure in Beverly, MA as their events and fund raising associate. Over the years she continues to be involved as an advisor to many schools, non-profits, as well as charitable organizations. As her children have grown she felt the need and desire to teach those around her how important it is for one’s mental state to keep their space clutter-free so they can be more productive in other areas of their life. When she is not straightening a space or organizing a room she enjoys: tennis and golf, skiing with her family, backgammon with girl friends and mastering the piano but mostly spending quality time with her family and friends.



Elizabeth, Organizer

Elizabeth, is an organizer with the ShipShape team.  Elizabeth has helped with numerous senior moves and residential organizing jobs.  Her prior work at consignment stores and with staging serves her well when working on downsizing jobs or getting a home ready for market.  Her favorite job is re-purposing a room and she has just the eye for it.  Elizabeth loves to offer a new perspective using what you have and provides suggestions on what you might consider purchasing.





Nancy, relocation consultant

Nancy, a relocation consultant, brings her talent to the ShipShape team and helps offer concierge services to those who are in need of some extra help getting ready to move or settling in.  Nancy is invaluable during the stressful weeks pre and post-move to help choose financial institutions, obtain new driver’s licenses, handle mail forwarding, change of address notices, voter registration, identifying local places to worship, shopping for groceries, new bedding and on and on… Nancy takes that extra step to ensure that our clients are well cared for.  She has taken care of a family of 4 children, 2 dogs, and a husband – she is ready for anything!

Nancy customizes services to the individual client’s need and more than anything is fun to be around!  Her enthusiasm and sparkle follow her everywhere.



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